(JDM Unit)
11/02/17 07:20 AM
25mm offset

Is anyone running a 25mm offset? If so what diameter wheel and do you have any pics?

(Senior Member)
11/02/17 03:40 PM
Re: 25mm offset

I think 25mm is too much, no? I am running evo8 which is 38mm and with 245 tires, it would sometimes rub the front struts. On my eclipse I ran racing hart with 32mm offset and no rub, but does stick out a little.

(JDM Unit)
11/02/17 07:33 PM
Re: 25mm offset

That's what I was thinking.

(Hard Snarker)
11/03/17 12:27 AM
Re: 25mm offset

You'll need a bit of stretch and negative camber to tuck it under the fender. Although I'm not a fan of tire stretch, minimal amounts to fit a deeper lipped wheel can look good. I think BobDole's car runs a 25 offset and looks pretty sweet.

(handles best on 3 tires)
11/07/17 05:41 PM
Re: 25mm offset

I'm running 12mm offset. But there is no tucking the tire inside the fender.

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